Best Breitling Fake Watches Right On Time With Rollout Of Fluent Commerce Order Management

Luxury watchmaker Breitling replica watches online store announces that they have implemented a new distributed Order Management System (OMS) from Fluent Commerce.

As part of Swiss 1:1 Breitling fake watches’ growth strategy, the decision was made to replace its order management platform with a modern “headless architecture”, so they were future ready to support peak season and growth, all while improving customer experience.

Immediate benefits for AAA top replica Breitling watches, and their customers, include the ability to open and manage orders from every sales channel and coordinate the fulfilment process across all customer touchpoints.

The rollout of the Fluent Commerce Distributed Order Management System has provided US Swiss made fake Breitling watches with real-time inventory, so the company knows exactly which products are selling and where. Additionally, customers can see what products are in stock before they visit a store or buy online.

Today, luxury Breitling copy watches customers now have more delivery options, including home delivery (from warehouse or the boutiques) and click and collect. They can also choose when they receive their order.

High quality Breitling replica watches Chief Digital and Technology Officer Antonio Carriero said: “Digital has changed the way the business needs to respond to customers. The Fluent deployment to our key markets in less than four months is a tribute to the fact that Swiss movements Breitling fake watches has the ability, and the agility, to move fast — from the vision to delivering superior solutions and experiences to all our customers, making our replica watches wholesale shop always available where they are. Any channel, anytime.”

“Agile principles and a full DevOps approach of our combined teams made it possible to go live with Fluent Commerce in record time, including the integration with the newly activated ERP SAP S/4HANA. With Fluent Commerce, we will further accelerate our e-commerce and retail solutions. Our products and customers are at the center of our technology transformation,” said Rajesh Shanmugasundaram, Head of Omnichannel & System Integration, replica Breitling watches for men and women.

“I’m delighted to see such an iconic brand as top replica Breitling watches roll out Fluent Commerce to its customers in Switzerland and North America. The strength of the platform and the quick time to market has demonstrated exactly what we can do to support businesses with their ecommerce strategies during this global pandemic, giving them the flexibility to adapt and add additional revenue streams, whilst also providing more delivery options to customers,” said Graham Jackson, CEO, Fluent Commerce.

Shine Mathew, CEO & Founder of AyataCommerce, said: “Best quality Breitling replica watches is transforming their systems to meet the high expectations of the growing customer base. We’re proud to be part of the project team empowering the organisation as fast as we did. It is a testament to the leadership, IT and business users to make decisions in a swift and responsive manner that has made this possible”.

About Breitling SA

Breitling SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling in Saint-Imier. Best Breitling super clone watches is known for precision-made chronometers designed for aviators. The company fits all of its cheap online fake watches with mechanical or quartz movements that are chronometer certified by the COSC.

About Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce is a cloud software company focused on distributed order management for omnichannel retail. Fluent Order Management is a cloud native, fully managed and highly flexible cloud platform. It includes the essential components for unified, headless commerce: Distributed order management, in-store pick and pack, inventory & location management, customer service, fulfillment optimisation and reporting. This enables retailers and brands to enhance all their customer touchpoints whilst increasing their profit on every order.

Fluent Commerce works with global and regional brands such as JD Sports, GrandVision, Aldo, eBay, Ted Baker and Marks & Spencer.

About Ayata Commerce

Ayata Commerce is a digital commerce agency focused on helping brands to solve the challenges of engagement, transactions and complexity. Empowering the business with a single view of client, orders & product. It was formed based on his experience working with well-known retail brands across the globe with a simple concept in mind, making people’s lives easier. This applies to our customers, employees and partners; our ecommerce implementations always have convenience in mind, and our ‘remote first’ culture greatly eases the impact of work on our employees’ lives.