Amuro Tsuzuki’s “Trajectory Of Life” Engraved With The Best US Replica Breitling Watches

2021 Tokyo Olympics. Rip Curl team rider Amuro Tsuzuki (belonging to Kinoshita Group) who won the bronze medal in the women’s surfing category for the first time. How did the 21-year-old, who is active in the world, face time every day and grasp his dreams? Let’s unravel the “concept of time” of top athletes through their favorite AAA US Breitling SuperOcean replica watches.

20 minutes of fate, challenged with the intention of giving life

Amuro Tsuzuki, who grew up near Kugenumakaigan and started surfing at the age of 11 due to the influence of his father and brother. From his teens to junior world championships, he became a brilliant medalist at his first appearance at the Olympics. He is attracting attention not only for his powerful riding but also for his strength, but what was he thinking during the bronze medal-finalized match?

” I will definitely win! I was only thinking about it. I was actually riding the wave for 20 minutes, but at that time I felt it was about an hour. There is a possibility that it will be reversed by one wave. I remember being very excited because of that. “

Although he has a stoic face that he likes to practice, his personality is calm and self-paced. Such a gap is also attractive, but what is the moment when Mr. Tsuzuki is impatient and strongly conscious of time?

“The match is a time to test what you’ve done so far. You may have a sharper sense of time because you’re taking on your life. After becoming a medalist, you say,” I want to live up to the expectations of those around me. ” My feelings have increased a lot. I have come to have a feeling that resembles a sense of mission. “

Private time spent with my buddy Seawatch

Even such top athletes are in a relaxed mood once they land. I often go out in rough fashion, such as wearing a cap on sweatshirts and denim, but I always wear the high quality fake Breitling SuperOcean watches from the Swiss luxury watch brand “Breitling” as a companion.

Born in 1957, the model, which has long been loved as the definitive edition of divers’ perfect replica Breitling watches, was renewed in July. In addition to the tough performance with water resistance of 300m, the colorful dial and strap that accentuate the dressing has attracted a lot of attention, and not only marine sports people but also fashion lovers have a hot look.

“In addition to the usual casual clothes, I often wear it in formal places such as dinner parties with loved ones. I love oranges, but it is useful because it looks good in simple clothes. “

The clock is an important indicator for setting goals

The first time I wore top Breitling copy watches in my life was when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school. Mr. Tsuzuki says that it is an old digital clock from his brother. Time has passed since then, and now he has been selected as a member of the Japan national team of “Breitling Surfers Squat” and is on par with the world’s best surfers. For her, who practices hard every day, the Swiss made Breitling replica watches is an essential part of planning a day.

“How do you prepare for the match in a limited amount of time? I believe that daily accumulation will lead to results, so I am keenly aware that” how to use time “is important. In that sense, this cheap super clone Breitling Superocean watches may be an indicator of my life. “

Working towards her goals is what makes me grow. She says that she continues to push the boundaries of the world and boldly challenge the world’s big stage today in order to bring more surfing fun to more people with her own activities.

Visual and specs that fit into any scene

As a masterpiece of the Swiss luxury watch brand “Breitling”, 1:1 China fake Breitling SuperOcean watches has been loved by many fans for over 60 years since its birth. His latest work, in addition to the various colors of the dial, is also talked about as the strap can be selected from two types, rubber and metal. Fine adjustment of up to 15 mm is possible with a simple operation, and it can be installed immediately from the top of a rash guard or wet suit. In addition to its tough performance that can withstand a depth of 300m, it is also attracting attention for its highly original needle design and bezel with enhanced visibility. I’m glad that it can be used across the board. Even if you wear a T-shirt with denim, the style should be dramatically updated just by adding luxury Breitling SuperOcean replica watches.