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Created more than twenty years ago by top athletes, Premiers de Cordée is a recognized national association of general interest. His goal ? Bring the practice of sport into the daily lives of those who are furthest from it, such as hospitalized and disabled children. This, directly at the place of care thanks to a team of 150 volunteers or sports educators and renowned sponsors such as footballer Kylian Mbappé, figure skater Nathalie Péchalat, rugby player Maxime Médard, handball player Thierry Omeyer or coach Arsène Wenger.

314,000 euros in donations collected

A large family that each year allows nearly 8,000 children in difficulty to learn about twenty different sports activities such as football, golf, basketball, rock climbing, judo or volleyball. “Sports which, beyond their value of sharing and cohesion, are widely recognized on the medical level as a pillar of the management of any chronic disease”, underlines Sébastien Ruffin, the general delegate of the association.

Sensitive to this noble cause, high quality Breitling replica watches made a commitment last year to Premiers de Cordée in order to help it continue its sports initiation programs in hospitals, especially since “sports activity has has always been a major component of our history, synonymous with collective action and generosity,” recalls Édouard d’Arbaumont, Breitling director for Southern Europe. In 2021, in addition to the launch of AAA US fake Breitling Superocean reference watches in the colors of the association, the partnership raised 240,000 euros in donations thanks to an auction orchestrated by Stéphane Aubert, auctioneer at Artcurial.

A fine result recently beaten at the second charity dinner organized by perfect replica Breitling watches and Premiers de Cordée during which 314,000 euros were collected under the hammer. Funds that will allow the association to continue its efforts throughout France. A mission completed by the presentation of new best Breitling copy watches, part of the proceeds of which will be donated to Premiers de Cordée. This year, it is luxury replica Breitling Endurance Pro watches only available in France, numbered and limited to 250 copies. This combines an ultra-light 44 mm Breitlight case with a thermocompensated SuperQuartz movement, ten times more precise than a traditional quartz. The black dial with a turquoise flange – in homage to Premiers de Cordée – displays a bidirectional bezel indicating the cardinal points, while the caseback of the top super clone Breitling watches online is adorned with an engraving of the association’s mascot. €3,400.