Swiss Made Replica Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Bentley

Of the three historically inspired pieces in this assortment, the Chronomat has the most recent roots as it’s based on the 1984 Chronomat line that celebrated perfect replica Breitling’s centenary. It comes in a large variety of colors and metals. Given my choice, I decided to check out the green-dialed Bentley version.
The luxury fake Breitling Chronomat B01 42 Bentley is a tank! It’s super weighty even in steel (200 grams without strap), and the rouleaux bracelet, modified from the 1984 original by being made more angular but still clearly recognizable, is substantial as well as classic 1:1 super clone Breitling.

I also like the skillfully concealed bracelet closure: it provides a smooth and continuous look under the wrist – although it could be even that little bit better if the look of the small sub-links that break up the other links continued all the way through the clasp.
On the edge of the cheap super clone Breitling that protrudes from under the cuff, the pusher shapes and the angles of the pusher/crown guard give plenty of visual interest. While the characteristic fluted oignon-style crown is retained from the original design, I think it was a good call to go with simpler ovoid shapes for the pushers rather than the fluted 1984 style to keep things from being “too” ’80s.
The contrast of color and black on the dial is pleasing to the eye as are the radial brushing of the main dial and the splashes of red on the chronograph second hand and chapter ring. I also appreciated how the intensity of the color and the brightness of the dial changes quite a bit depending on the light.

If I could change one thing visually about this aaa quality replica Breitling, it would be to do a bit of tuning where the bracelet meets the lugs. From what I can tell from photos, the historical Chronomat rouleaux bracelet did not extend horizontally all the way to the outer edges of the lugs – the final link before the bracelet seems to step out perhaps halfway from the width of the main bracelet to the lug edges.

On the 2020 high end copy watch, the final link reaches out to the lug edges. This “semi-integrated” look is very hard to pull off, and on this watch the visual effect to me is that the lugs look too slender and the transition from bracelet to case is a bit awkward.

Mechanically, as with the AVI, the chronograph pushers on this Swiss movement fake Breitling lack the progressive feel I like. Although I suspect that buyers who prefer the decisive pop of chronographs using the Valjoux 7750, or of the Tudor Black Bay based on a version of this B01 movement, will be more than happy.

As you may have guessed by now, as a matter of personal taste I’m not taken by this high quality copy Breitling the way I am by the other two. I’m wondering whether the styling of this one isn’t still just a touch in the past and could benefit from more of a refreshed view, particularly on the broad, polished bezel.

Of course, that could easily lead to losing the identity of the cheap fake Breitling Chronomat line at some point – one more reason why watch designers have such a tough job!