Testing the Best 1:1 Replica Breitling Premier Heritage B15 Duograph 42

The new Premier Heritage B15 Duograph 42 is currently perfect replica Breitling’s most elegant timepiece and an homage to the pioneering spirit of the company’s founders. Like its predecessor from the 1940s of the same name, it can record time intervals and is breaking new ground as it goes. We take a closer look.

Three generations at luxury fake Breitling made their mark in the history of timekeeping: Léon Breitling founded the company in 1884. He later submitted a patent for a simple timer with a tachymeter that could measure any speed between 15 and 150 kilometers per hour.
About 30 years later, his son Gaston created one of the first super clone wristwatch chronographs with a separate pusher at the 2 o’clock position. This innovation made it possible to separate the start and stop function as well as the reset function from the crown — a tremendous advantage for timing sporting events.

In 1934, Léon’s grandson Willy registered a patent for the second separate chronograph push-piece at 4 o’clock. Willy Breitling was not only technically talented, he also recognized the desire people had for elegance and glamour. This inspired him to create the “Premier” in the 1940s.

At that time, Swiss movement replica Breitling was an established customer of the ébauche manufacturer Venus. Willy Breitling was already purchasing movements from this company in the 1930s. He also acquired the Venus 179 caliber and presented it in 1944 inside the “Premier Duograph” model. This was a hand-wound, rattrapante chronograph movement, which Venus produced in modest quantities between 1940 and 1952. The cheap copy Breitling Premier was operated using two pushers and a rattrapante button integrated into the crown.

From its inception, the modular design of the B03 caliber offered a variety of options. A self-winding mechanism may be used in this caliber to wind the movement, but the B15 does not offer this; instead it follows the growing trend of hand-wound watches. And unlike the B03, the B15 has no date indication, just like the original aaa quality copy Breitling Premier Duograph from the 1940s.

The strap is lined with a vibrant yellow that contrasts with the golden-brown sheen of the alligator leather on top, which recalls Willy Breitling’s notion of fulfilling people’s wishes for elegance and glamour with the Premier collection. Today, the Breitling Premier Heritage fake for sale is being offered to those who are seeking a sophisticated chronograph, just as he intended.